Why Doesn’t He Call?”

Why Don't Men Call After a Great Date of After a Few Great Dates?


If the man you are dating suddenly stopped calling, you are not alone. Women from all over the world have experienced this sudden disappearing act with a man at least once. Why do men stop calling and pull away? Is it me or is it them? And why do some women tend to have great relationships and I don't? Why can't I make it past one, two or three great dates? Did he stop calling after a first date? Second date? Third date?

The interesting phenomenon is that if you are asking yourself some of these questions, you are not alone! Men do tend to suddenly pull away and stop calling. And it's not just men who stop calling after a great first date. Sometimes a man will stop calling after multiple dates. Sometimes it's two-three dates, sometimes it's after weeks and months of dating.

Oftentimes a man will stop calling when not only you are dating but have a casual relationship, or even an exclusive, perhaps committed relationship.

The subject of men who stop calling women in dating is so diverse that I have dedicated a whole book to cover all facets of men who stop calling and all the reasons why men stop calling.

How do you make him call you again?

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The worst thing about it is men do it without any sort of closure and for no reasons at all. It always seems that things go great and them poof! Gone! Why?

How many times have you been on a date, even two or three great dates with a guy you knew liked you and had a great time only to find out later that he'd never call again after second or third date?

You knew you connected with him and he felt the same way about you. Perhaps he even dropped hints about the future and what it would be like to do certain things together in the future.

And it felt good having the security from knowing that he always calls. You had a few phone conversations in between dates and he called regularly to ask you out on a date in advance. You were relaxed and laid-back and did not worry that he would disappear like some other men did before. Or perhaps you heard from someone else that men suddenly disappear but you knew it wouldn't happen to you.

And the best thing about your dates was that for the first time in a long time you felt something very special.

Until one day he just stopped calling!

It happened unexpectedly. Who would have thought? One day went by without him calling but you weren't worried. Maybe just curious as to what happened that he didn't call this day. He said he'd call but he didn't.

You thought he'd call the next day, but nothing happened. No call, no text message, and no reminder of this man. Not even an e-mail. Not even an instant message. Not even a message on MySpace or FaceBook or any other social networking site you may belong to.

A few more days went by and you left wondering, is he going to call? Is he EVER going to call me?

What happened? Why did he say he'd call if he wasn't going to call me?

You start thinking that something serious happened. He didn't tell you there was something in his life keeping him from calling you that day, or even any other day later.

Will he call me again?

You frantically check your phone just to make sure it's working. Everything seems to work fine. You may even be tempted to turn your ringer volume up just to make sure you hear it when he calls so you don't miss his call. But what's the point? He is not calling.

Was it something you said or did? Why did he stop calling? Is there any way to make him call me?

How do you make him call you again? Is it possible? It is possible to make a man call and if you want to know how to increase your chances of getting that call from him, read this page